Infrastructure for startups

Is your start-up ready for the next level?

When you were starting out, it was most important to simply get it up and running. You made it work, pieced things together, and always knew that “someday” you would need to change the infrastructure for the business to be able to grow. Now, you don’t have time to figure it out. The business is actually taking off, and your to-do list is getting larger by the minute.

And yet, in the back of your mind you know that some of those duct-tape solutions won’t last forever. You had to spend the time polishing up the marketing, working on the finances, and talking to customers - so that you can generate money to pay the bills and get cash flow positive.

But now some of the “temporary fixes” you needed in the beginning are holding you back, and late at night you worry how long it will hold together. Will it keep up with the growth of your business?

You’ve been working hard on getting media exposure - and what if you actually make it to into the press? Is your infrastructure ready for the massive amounts of traffic that comes along, or are your potential customers going to be seeing your beautifully designed error page?

Finding the right person is hard

Tech people are such a mixed group. There are some that are worth their weight in gold, and others that over-promise, and then never get you anything on time. Not cool.

And then they don’t understand anything about your business. You ask for a something small, and they come back with plans to build the next Taj Mahal - and you have no idea how this will ever work. It feels like you are gambling your hard earned money every time you hire a tech person. Why can’t they just solve your problem?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you hired a seasoned engineer who was not only trustworthy and reliable, but knows you don't just want some servers set up… But that you need to make a positive return on your investment? That you want to make your business better off than it is today?

What if this person learned about your business, got to the root of what you want to achieve, and applied their knowledge and experience to solve this problem? What if you could get an ally, a partner, and not just a hired gun?

I want to partner with you.

My name is Mike Ryan, and I'm an infrastructure engineer. I'm also a business owner. I've built my company and reputation on trust, hard work and results.

Yes, I am a geek, and like to get into the inner workings of scalable cloud architecture, continuous integration and all that other stuff.

But I also understand what it takes to run a business, and know how important customers are. I’ve worked with startups and established businesses and have created some amazing results. My clients invested in their infrastructures and are still reaping the benefits today.

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I have one goal: To produce a significant return-on-investment for you and your business. - Mike Ryan

Q: "Why should I trust you with my project?"

A: I've built my business on a foundation of reputation. My clients refer their colleagues to me because they know I have a track record of getting stuff done - of understanding the problem at hand, putting together a plan of action, and delivering results.

Q: "What makes you think you'll understand my business?"

I know that what you really want isn't a new web appcluster or redundant database server. What you want is more customers, more revenue, and more profit. I start each project by listening - I want to know everything I can about your business and what problems you face. Only then will I be able to help you put together a roadmap that charts out a plan to conquer your business problems and make you more money.


I want to make sure you get the best possible partner imaginable. For the majority of clients I talk to, I think I'm that person. But there are a few types of projects that don't always mesh with my process:


If you just want a drone who you'll give requirements to, we won't work well together. I'm an expert when it comes to designing and building reliable systems, and I want to help you build the best solution possible given our combined expertise.


If you can’t make a decision and need signing off from a committee to get anything done, I'm not for you. I work very closely with each of my clients, and that means I need to be able to rapidly execute. If we're waiting for approval from a lot of different parties to get anything done, we'll both suffer.


If you’re on an impossibly tight budget, and want to find the cheapest guy possible, we’re not a match. A lot of infrastructure projects face the same type of challenges - and you want to avoid the beginner mistakes. That’s why you are looking for an experienced partner. Building infrastructure is making a long-term investment in your business. If you to work with an expert engineer who is acutely aware that you need to recoup your investment and *then some*, let's talk.

Let's get started

You're done with gambling on systems engineers, and you want to hire a seasoned expert who understands your business. You want that person to know what "ROI" means, and why it's important to you and your bank account.

Reserve a confidential discussion, and let's see how I can help make you more money.